GI/SM-023 Clondermot Hill 221m

This is one of the smallest summits in the sperrins at just 725ft but one of the most awkward in several respects! It has been notoriously difficult to get access and is very steep. The easiest route is via the access road to the transmitter site but despite all the locals saying that it was a right of way to the top the farmer does not allow any walkers access. There is another route at the north side but Tom (M1EYP)and Jimmy (M0HJY) found that it was barred by impenetrable gorse and a very high barb wire fence. We therefore went directly to Walsh’s Farm and asked permission from the farmer to park on the farmyard and where was best to climb the mountain. In true Northern Ireland form he talked to me out of the bathroom window and we soon found common friends!! He told us to go up the road slightly to start from there as there was a ram in the field who would hit us!

The unfortunate problem with this side is that it is extremely steep and the ground is made up of very sticky clay. However we were on the summit within 40mins and were soon setting up. I worked a few on the WAB net on 40m initially whilst Ian got it  activated with 2m.  I moved then to another frequency on 40m and got the activation there followed by several on 20m.

Time   Call
12:58z G0FEX
12:58z G4SQA
13:09z PA7ZEE
13:10z EA2CKX
13:20z 2E0YFF
13:20z G4IAR
13:23z G0FVH
13:23z MI3TIM
13:36z SP9AMH
13:37z OK2PDT
13:38z LZ1WF

No summit to summits today – tried hard with Andy GM8OEG on 40m and 2m but nothing heard. We packed up at 2pm to go and try an EI summit but as it took me so long to get back to the landy we gave up on that for today – the hill is so steep it was too sore on my knees! Thanks to everyone who was in contact today!

Esther & Ian GI0AZA &GI0AZB



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