GI/SM-005 Mullaghmore 542 M / 1778 ft

On Saturday 3rd December we set off on our first Winter bonus activations, this time accompanied by Steve 2I0VTZ and Mountain Dog of course. Mullaghcarn is very close to our home QTH so little travelling today! We parked on the Birren Road next to the access road to the BT site. After gathering up the gear we set off up the access road after clambering over the gate – I had told Ian to bring the stepladder in the Landy as I knew I couldn’t climb the gate!! It was a steady walk up the road – initially heading away from the summit – but then round a horseshoe bend and we were heading for the summit again. Little in the way of wildlife today apart from 2 crows on the ascent and an unidentified bird in the heather on the way down!

Once arriving at the transmitters we had to negotiate the mud around the site to get to the summit. we set up the 2 HF aerials on the one pole – Steve had a linked dipole and I had the end fed long wire. Steve put up his tent as the wind was bitter and we tried out our new tarp as a wind break for which it was excellent. Ian and Steve started on 2m whilst I went on the WAB net on 7.160 and immediately worked Dave G4SQA followed by the following:

1239 7MHz G4SQA
1242 7MHz 2E0KVJ
1242 7MHz G4IAR
1243 7MHz G0RQL
1244 7MHz MK3FEH
1245 14MHz G7BGA
1249 14MHz OE9EGI/P
1309 14MHz EA2IF
1311 14MHz EA2DT
1312 14MHz DL8DXL
1316 14MHz GI4ONL
1316 14MHz OK2PDT
1319 14MHz SP9AMH
1350 14MHz OF9X
1354 14MHz GI0IOT

OE9EGI/P provided a S2S for us all. After a lovely cup of tea and a few yoghurt biscuits we packed all up and headed down again. Mountain dog had her coat on at this stage as she was getting cold. We quickly descended and when approaching the Birren Rd debated going for the nearby Geocache but the thoughts of a warm coffee back at the farm won and we were soon heading back into Dungiven.

Many thanks to all our chasers today and to Steve for joining us!


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