GI/SM-009 Benbradagh 465m / 1526ft 15-04-17

On Easter Saturday I set off at 10am to activate our local SOTA Benbradagh which is 3 miles from our home. There had been showers earlier but the sun had come out just as I left the farm. Mountain dog and her sidekick accompanied me today but I left Ian at home to deal with the boiler engineer! My destination is the top of the Curragh Rd where it meets the old access road to the abandoned US Naval Listening Station C72807 10287. From here its a lovely walk along the old road past many of the concrete blocks to which stays were attached from the masts for the listening station crossing over several gates. At C72448 10947 beside a phone mast continue straight on onto a grass track that will take you to a stile on the left that leads to the final track to the summit. I had decided as this was to be a quick activation before doing Donald’s Hill in the afternoon that it would be VHF only on 2m FM, 70cms FM and DMR.

The following contacts were made:

09:54 144MHz FM GI0AZB Ian
10:00 144MHz FM MI0KXT Steve
10:05 144MHz FM MI3PDL Pat
10:15 433MHz FM GI0AZB
10:20 433MHz FM MI0KOA Harry
10:25 433MHz FM GI4AHD Ray
10:40 144MHz FM MI0JST Victor
10:45 144MHz FM GM3COX/P Jack S2S
11:00 433MHz DMR GI0AZB
11:05 433MHz DMR MI1AIB

No cup of tea on this activation – just straight back to the jeep with the 2 amigos to get ready for Donald’s Hill this afternoon.


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